Munich 26–27 Nov 2024

IP500 OEM Solutions for target applications

Interoperability and a wide combination of various IoT applications in a commercial or industrial building is a important factor for end-users to lower cost of energy consumption, improve security or comfort in his building. Because of a full interoperability of the IP500 infrastructure and the connected IP500 solutions i.e. security and comfort, the end user can install for him very valuable applications right at the planning phase or later as retrofit, by using the same IP500 infrastructure.

Applications for Commercial Buildings & Industrial Facilities

The IP500 Alliance has OEMs as members, who have a full portfolio of OEM products / solutions which can be combine within the IP500 infrastructure up-to a full ECO IoT system. This also allows users to get untouched applications / IoT solutions, because of the performance and the certification level of the IP500 wireless platform and its individual IP500 OEM products.

OEM Solutions for Commercial Buildings & Industrial Facilities

The DALI / IP500 convertor allows to connect any DALI controlled lighting fixture / solution and connect such lighting products to the IP500 wireless network.

Well accepted installation guidelines, like the VDI guideline for smart lighting applications, can be expended to be combined with IP500 wireless connected OEM solutions. This allows to use existing, well established, and available OEM solutions / control units for new and existing installations.

Smart Building and IP500