Munich 24-25 Nov 2020
Munich 23–24 Nov 2021

BIM World

Six stages on two days at BIM World 2021

More than 100 presentations will make the BIM World a highlight in 2021.
For the past 6 years, the BIM World Congress, the BIM World Breakout Sessions and the BIM Town Innovation Stage have enabled all stakeholders in the construction, real estate and urban development industries to share their experiences in implementing digital technologies in their businesses and projects.
Beyond BIM, the uses of digital technology concern all types of players, from very small companies to large groups and local authorities, whether they are just starting out or are already experts.

 A preview of the congress programm topics 2021 will be published soon. Stay tuned!

Program Highlights BIM VIRTUAL 2020

Secure & robust IoT networks

The digitalization of smart commercial building and industrial facilities require a secure and robust wireless network standard for all IoT applications under one IoT wireless infrastructure. Planers, architects, system integrators as well as construction companies have been challenged by many niche wireless IoT standards (many for SmartHome applications or products like ZigBee, CHIP / Thread, Z-Wave, enocean or BLE) or proprietary solutions. However, for decades they were waiting for a fully interoperable wireless IoT Standard, which is able to combine comfort and security sensing solutions under the same wireless IoT infrastructure (for smart sensors and actors). read more…

Critical requirements must be met at same time / in the same wireless IoT network to guarantee highest interoperability, robustness, security, performance as well as redundancy and scalability of a IoT wireless infrastructure in commercial buildings.

The IP500 IoT Wireless Standards meets these critical requirements for security and comfort applications and enables therefore end-users to start with few applications and add other (even security and safety applications) at a later time, without changing or adding a new wireless infrastructure. read more…

Planning & integration

umlaut is already supporting brand new IoT use cases by focusing on existing gaps throughout industries which IoT solutions are successfully closing. Experts from non-telco industries must now be able to understand the telecommunication world in order to design their robust applications and solutions for the market. Such knowledge gaps can only add to the generally high risk for the early adopters. umlaut enables meaningful end-to-end IoT solutions. read more…

With the IP500 wireless network a robust, secure, scalable and redundant IoT network can be set up. This offers the possibility to address many applications in the field of commercial buildings as well as industrial facilities. The IP500 IoT wireless network is certified for high security applications such as fire alarms, light switches and access control. This requires high reliable communication hardware that is equipped for a wide range of application scenarios. DAFÜR develops therefore three different components to build up this network. For external and interior communication as well as access to services the IP500 IoT wireless network trust on reliable components developed and delivered by DAFÜR. Three components are forming the IP500 IoT wireless network backbone. read more…

The performance of a wireless network for commercial and industrial objects is extremely critical for planners, systems integrators as well as for installers and finally and most important “the end-user”. Independent benchmark tests have proven the outstanding performance of the IP500 IoT wireless network in rang tests (in- and out-door) as well as robustness tests.  These tests have demonstrated and proven the capabilities of the IP500 wireless network to be used as wireless IoT platform / infrastructure for all applications in commercial building and industrial facilities. read more…

Interoperability and a wide combination of various IoT applications in a commercial or industrial building is a important factor for end-users to lower cost of energy consumption, improve security or comfort in his building. read more…

The design and the deployment of a Smart Building ready application allows users to be involved in reducing the environmental impact of the facility through a better energy management system, benefiting from the quality of information transmitted automatically via Smart Mobile applications. read more…


Real-Time Transformation in AEC

In this talk we will look at the many ways that people are utilising the power of the Unreal Engine in the AEC to go beyond visualisations, to help bridge the gap between ideas and reality.
Looking at use-cases in the industry we will explore ways the tools are being used to communicate ideas, design and build in real time, and even link up to sensors to create fully functioning digital twins.


David Weir-McCall AEC Business Development Manager Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games


How robots will change the way we build – The Future of Making

Corona has changed the way we live, work and teach at RWTH. In the last months researchers at the Chair for Individualized Production (IP) have developed an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows students to remotely control robots from the comfort of their homes. This IoT platform allows us to maintain social distance while continuing close collaboration and laboratory learning. The main challenge was to stream data from international sources and varying bandwidths in order to remotely programme the movements of a KUKA KMRiiwa. The movement of the robot was then streamed to the Autodesk Forge where students could monitor progress in real time and adapt the program if necessary. The first live worldwide experiment was successfully finished with students from the IAAC in Barcelona, Spain, learning to remotely programming a robot at the IP laboratory at RWTH Aachen University.


Ralf Mosler, Leader BIM Transformation, AEC Digital Expert Group Autodesk

Sigrid Brell-Cokcan, Director of Individualized Production RWTH Aachen University


How Sensors, Process Automation (AI) and Autonomous Solutions lift BIM-Technology to the next level

Pre-construction activities and decisions can make or break construction projects and determine the total cost of ownership during the entire building life cycle. Hexagon’s focus on process automation and autonomous solutions around Scan-to-BIM, modern BIM modeling, construction management and BIM-to-Field improves productivity during design and construction.


Fabio Ponzio Vice President Building Solutions Hexagon Geosystems Division


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Speakers 2020

Diemer Cohen Stuart
Fabian Schmid, Dr.
Leiter Forschung und Entwicklung IT: DigitalTWIN
seele Unternehmensgruppe
Gernot Strube
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company
Jakob Fellner
Research Assistant
Kasimir Forth
Managing Director
LOC - Leonhard Obermeyer Center
Thomas Kirmayr
Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Planen und Bauen