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Searched & found: First-class performance at moderate costs

Searched & found: First-class performance at moderate costs
3D model of the contract manufacturing. The 3D CAD planning with Tricad MS enables extensive prefabrication of the piping and components.

Planning tool for ambitious, interdisciplinary projects

What are the deliverables of a modern system planning tool? Customers often have to find an answer to this question when their existing tool cannot or should no longer be used. Using a detailed catalogue, planners evaluate the proposals from various suppliers. Result: In many cases Tricad MS provides the best solution for the required tasks – and offers competitive operating costs.

Planners master their tasks across all the trades, in greenfield projects as well as in brownfield facilities: Production, development and research centres, infrastructure facilities or complete factories. Modularization and standardization reduce costs – whether greenfield or brownfield.

To be faster, highly flexible and customizable …

systems with a modular approach are required. The aim is to repeat certain basic functions in such systems over and over in order to streamline processing and assembly times. The idea behind this approach is to define a proven solution as the standard procedure and to repeat it, i.e. a copy & paste with subsequent plug & play. This also facilitates the documentation work for qualification and validation tasks for regulatory purposes.

The necessary planning tool must be able to implement the know-how of the planner in a smart 3D model. High-performance planning tools such as Tricad MS also improve the productivity of the planner – by avoiding errors (collision check, with an integrated tool data is only entered once), by the possibility to use planned plant components several times (i.e. modular system planning), by the possibility of parallel planning across different trades.

So test therefore, who join for a long time …

Advanced engineering know-how is best exploited with a high-performance engineering tool, that’s a fact – but does it need a Bentley? Isn’t an Audi enough? With this question in mind planners start looking for a new system.

In addition to moderate operating costs, flexibility to enable an uncomplicated and rapid project setup, low maintenance efforts, a transparent and flexible license model and integration into an existing system landscape are important criteria for the evaluation of a new 3D planning tool.

Tricad MS is an application based on MicroStation. Regardless of whether both are newly introduced together or an existing MicroStation installation is extended with Tricad MS, both options can be implemented easily. After the basic installation the individual configuration starts.

From the user’s point of view, what makes this 3D planning tool stand out?

From a merely economic point of view, according to customer statements one of the advantages of Tricad MS would be the comparatively low capital expenditure and follow-up costs, while other tools scare customers away with operating costs three to five times higher. Other, more cost-effective tools would be available, but those have limited functionality. In this respect, as customers state, Tricad MS has a good market position, offers low costs, a wide range of functionalities and all modules necessary for planning. The underlying MicroStation platform is viewed as a “good engine” with outstanding graphics.

The comparatively high flexibility of the tool itself and the possibility to maintain a direct contact with VenturisIT’s experts offer a further advantage: Rapid optimisations can be implemented in a targeted manner.


As a CAD/CAE planning tool, Tricad MS offers specific modules with a uniform user interface for all areas in systems and building services engineering. Thus, an essential feature of this tool is the possibility of integrated, multi-trade planning. The integration of calculation algorithms is also possible. In addition to moderate operating costs, the flexibility of the system and its easy and rapid project setup are further strong arguments to migrate to Tricad MS. Last but not least, the transparent and flexible licensing model is convincing.