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CAFM as the central link between BIM and your FM processes

CAFM as the central link between BIM and your FM processes

Computer aided facility management software solutions are a necessary component for the use of BIM in practice. This means, on the one hand, the transfer of all data from the construction process for the management phase of a property or facility. On the other hand, the introduction of BIM in existing buildings is practically impossible without software tools. A third point is the management of the constantly accumulating data in order to keep the BIM model up to date. CAFM provider Keßler Solutions provides suitable products and services for all three areas. In today’s article we want to introduce you to the BIM data management.

Qualified recordings on mobile devices using the example of a local inspection

The collection of data during the construction process or in the existing building is the basis of BIM-compliant operation. In 2020 Keßler Solutions developed a product for local inspection: With the FAMOS module, inspections for various occasions are organized flexibly and efficiently in the CAFM system. Users use it to plan, for example, the acquisition of components such as windows with all the necessary data from dimensions to condition assessment. With a process-oriented, sensible and mobile extension, such as the Windows-based inspection assistant or the FAMOSweb inspection module, the tests or evaluations are carried out and the information is collected according to the individually defined checklists and evaluation standards. This solution makes it possible to record and document individual construction stages and progress during the construction phase (construction progress). The recording can be done by FAMOS separately according to trades or individual orders and is supported by suitable services, e.g. from the measurement and 3D recording by Keßler. While the building is in operation (management), individual objects can be inspected (e.g. all fire extinguishers to meet warranty deadlines), on the other hand entire floors, buildings and properties can be inspected, e.g. as part of a condition assessment. The new system creates an all-round module for innovative, digital recording, e.g. for fire protection inspections, regular inspections of systems (as a planned inspection) up to the ad hoc notification in the event of defects (as an unplanned inspection).

Digital toolbox – optimization of your FM processes

Combined with the random sample generator, selected inspections give a representative overview of the entirety of all relevant objects. This saves time and human resources, which may only be available to a limited extent due to short-time work. Keßler Solutions also recommends labeling all rooms and inventories with codes (e.g. QR or barcodes) for the most effective work possible. The company offers suitable services for the production and application of the codes as well as for the digitization of the data collected in the CAFM system. Keßler Solutions also provides a separate recording tool for technical systems (TS) as well as structural and outdoor systems. The new web inventory app complements the portfolio functionally when it comes to querying inventory data, moving individual inventories, preparatory measures for an inventory and recording inventory. The information collected in the mobile devices is easily synchronized with the database through suitable interfaces, which means that offline processing is also possible. Mandatory processes, such as the detection of defects can be designed holistically and sustainably. The totality of the individual solutions results in a kind of toolbox for management. Even in exceptional situations such as accidents and pandemics, he always has the right tool ready to obtain a valid overview of all technical and commercial processes in FM operation and to ensure operator responsibility in a cost-optimized manner.

Efficient, contactless work in times of Corona

The coordination of all associated processes can be completely contactless if necessary: ​​objects to be inspected, processes, responsible employees and deadlines are flexibly designed in advance. The created tasks are forwarded to the (mobile) devices of the participants. Depending on the situation, they report their results digitally back to the client (done, fault report, initiate order, …). Another application example is the (room-by-room) check of compliance with corona-related hygiene regulations. In this way, for example, the distances between the workplaces prescribed in hygiene concepts can be checked and corrected. If an external service provider is supervised, for example, with cleaning tasks, the inspection serves to check the services provided (Service provider contract controlling). With special work cards hygiene measures, such as disinfecting surfaces are for employees and visitors, organized. This makes it easy to assume responsibility for the health protection of employees and guests. Finally, current inventory data provides processes follow-up the optimal basis for effective workplace management. In the future, the topics of mobile working and flexible workplaces will be designed in this way.

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