Munich 26–27 Nov 2024

The Finnish BIM Pavilion brings innovation to BIM World MUNICH – since 2016!

The Finnish BIM Pavilion brings innovation to BIM World MUNICH - since 2016!

Finland has been among the earliest adopters of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and therefore is a mayor key players in driving the innovations for the AEC industry.
The basis is in OpenBIM, which has been set as a standard by governmental actors. However, OpenBIM is not only driven by the government. Currently, the whole AEC industry and it´s enthuastic people behind these companies are supporting OpenBIM:

Anna-Riitta Kallinen, Owner and CEO of ARK Consulting, ARKCON, is Ambassador of BIM World MUNICH and supports the export business and marketing for Finnish BIM companies with incredible commitment and success.

“The Finnish collaboration within the BIM World Munich network started already in 2016. Since then, the joined offering of Finnish companies has been steadily growing in significance and in visibility. Some also say we have the most successful annual after-venue party, offering relaxed collaboration and networking during the two days of BIM collaboration and latest news in the business.

Part of the inspiring spirit of the Finnish pavilion is the open BIM collaboration that has a strong foothold in Finland. Common national BIM requirements and open innovative approach to BIM motivates companies and their clients to appear side by side also in this most important annual German BIM venue. Every year of attendance has brought added value to the companies in terms of client collaboration, latest developments in the German market and networking with overseas partners.”

Following case examples highlight the significance of the joint Finnish presence at BIM World MUNICH:

Novatron is a technology company focused on earthmoving automation, offering open solutions for digitalizing earthmoving jobsites and robotizing earthmoving machinery. With 30 years of experience, Novatron develops, manufactures, and supplies hardware and software to increase the productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability of the earthmoving industry. Novatron’s customers are earthmoving contractors and construction equipment manufacturers. Novatron is part of German MOBA Mobile Automation AG.
”Through international BIM events, our company’s international networks have expanded significantly and increased our own understanding of the needs of the international market. For example, in the first 9 months of year 2019, we saw more than 40% growth in our foreign sales compared to the previous year’s figures. As a global BIM event, BIM World Munich has been a significant help in growing our business.” states Petteri Palviainen, BIM Development Manager, Novatron

Infrakit is a digitalization partner for infra-construction industry, connecting data and people with a cloud solution. Infrakit’s customers save significant amounts of money by green productivity; improving efficiency and reducing waste. Company has grown fast via Scandinavia to Middle Europe, operating in nine countries. European offices cover from Germany to France, BeNeLux, Estonia and Serbia. In Scandinavia they have offices in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Infrakit’s VP of business development, Mr. Pasi Joensuu says:”BIM World Munich has been clearly the best event for us so far. We have participated the event already several years, and this year’s event is put to our annual calendar already. BIM World Munich is an event where we meet right people and we have been able to turn those meetings to partnerships which help both parties to evolve. Our expectations towards future events are great.”

Gravicon is the developer of Modelspace software, which is a cloud-based solution that helps property owners to keep track of their investment projects and to control the project requirements. Gravicon provides also provides BIM consulting services for the construction industry. Company’s key strengths are long experience in construction projects, pioneer position in BIM and knowledge of software development within the sector. ”Gravicon was one of the founder companies for the Finnish BIM Pavilion in 2017. Gravicon has gained a significant international network for the Modelspace software and BIM consulting business through the BIM World Munich event. That network is invaluable to our company.” says Tomi Henttinen, Founder CIO, Gravicon.

Of course, the pavilion will again be PART of BIM World 2021, including a highly qualified and exciting program on OpenBIM in infrastructure.

Stay tuned!