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Norwegian company with ground-breaking technology within the viewing of all BIM related data

Norwegian company with ground-breaking technology within the viewing of all BIM related data

Thousands of companies have a lot of 3D data that they simply do not know how to put to use. The reason for this is that displaying all BIM related data is very expensive, often has to be done on very costly computers, is difficult to share while offering poor version control and workflow.

Novorender is a Norwegian based company that has developed a fully automated cloud service (SaaS) for BIM, which allows customers to upload, merge, view, share and distribute (giant and complex) 3D models, Point Clouds and Orthophotos, of any size, easily via the browser. The platform allows users to upload different 3D formats without manual conversion or simplification of data, and is used for projects ranging from design and development to operations and maintenance.

This is a product that has not previously been possible, as there was simply no technology that allowed this way of consuming 3D. Before now.


Available on all devices thanks to artificial intelligence technology

Novorender has developed a technology that splits the BIM data into millions of pieces, and only renders what you see at any given time.

Many compare Novorender to being BIM’s answer to Netflix. In Netflix, you do not download the entire movie you are going to watch, instead you stream continuously for the next 5-10 seconds. In the same way that you can then watch a film in the best quality directly in the browser through Netflix, you can render infinite amounts of data in Novorender.

In this way, Novorender allows users to use BIM across devices such as mobile, tablet and laptop, without compromising quality. This is thanks to a proprietary technology that optimizes the rendering of 3D based on the device the user is on. A Machine Learning algorithm detects how much the device using 3D actually has the capacity to render, and therefore allows all devices to seamlessly use 3D and point cloud.

Infinite scalability of file size and different formats

A previous problem has been that BIM is limited in SaaS services to a given amount of data, or that it becomes extremely expensive per user. Novorender has developed a scalable solution that handles all sizes and is independent of which format is desired. Different formats can also be combined to be displayed in the same view.

Their largest BIM model to date; 50 GB of CAD data from various models with over 4,000,000,000 triangles, with endless unique objects that all have unique serial numbers associated with them. All this is rendered in seconds on a mobile phone using 4G. To put this into perspective; Navisworks from industry leader Autodesk took 24 hours just to read in all the data.


A digital twin with the data customers already have

Novorender can be used by simply uploading the BIM data you already have, and easily connecting this to other information sources. This is then typically data from all the applications and systems that are used in a project, which then further gives all relevant actors a real perception of the project’s state for precisely the information that is interesting to them. You can integrate with CDEs for automatic sync of data such as BIM 360 or SharePoint, with various BCF software for issue management and more.



Contributes to a greener construction site

Governments across Europe have long talked about digital solutions being crucial to achieving the necessary climate and environmental benefits. One of the major points here is the possibility of paperless construction projects. This enables workers to reduce errors and changes and ensure that as many as possible involved have the right information at the right time. Professional workers on construction sites will, for example, easily retrieve measurements, elevations and see detailed 3D models of what is to be built on the BIM models. They can even perform clash detections between Point Cloud and 3D. In this way, they can save a lot of time and money, as well as improve communication throughout the project.



With Novorender you will be able to handle all your BIM needs with some of the following features:

If you would like to learn more, visit Novorender’s website here for use cases and more. If you are thinking about taking control over all your BIM data get in touch with Novorender here.


Meet Novorender at BIM World MUNICH 2022 at their booth #35!