Munich 26–27 Nov 2024



More than 150 start-ups, scale-ups, and techpreneurs from +40 nations worldwide submitted their solutions in planning, construction, operations, and environment that shape the future territories. The world’s leading ecosystem in connected things and Deep-Tech collaborates with BIM World MUNICH for the 5th SMART BUILDING / SMART CONSTRUCTION INNOVATION WORLD CUP®, in search of cutting-edge solutions in smart construction, real estate, smart city, and urban planning.

In this extraordinary edition, we invited 43 innovative entrepreneurs to pitch their solutions at the Innovation stage at BIM World MUNICH, the leading networking platform in Europe for the digitization and sustainability of the construction, real estate, and infrastructure sectors.

  • Aedifion GmbH – Decarbonizing Buildings Digitally (Germany)
  • BIMsystems GmbH – Cloud-based information management: How connected data will be created and maintained in the future (Germany)
  • Bright Spaces – The Real Estate Digital Twin Universe (Romania)
  • Buidling Information Cloud – automated check of planning results in the construction industry (Germany)
  • Bredic – Automated monitoring of built assets with Digital Twins (Germany)
  • CAD42 – Smart Construction (France)
  • Carbon Limit Co. – Carbon Capturing Concrete (USA)
  • ConcR GmbH – How to make dumb concrete smart (Germany)
  • Creoox A.G. – Xeokit SUITE – 3D online viewing kit for ultra-performance, flexibility and security within the AEC Industry (Liechtenstein)
  • DeepX, Inc. – GeoViz, a Subsurface 3D Digital Twin Platform (Japan)
  • Dynamic Infrastructure – Rapid digitization of civil-infrastructure inventories – fact or fiction? (Australia)
  • eguana GmbH – See the invisible (Austria)
  • Embneuysys – Ripos Platform (Greece)
  • ENECA B.V – Automation Wizard – cross functional solution for BIM process automation (Netherland)
  • for i four – A revolutionary software solution to save energy of ventilation systems up to 20% (Denmark)
  • GraphenePioneer – Plasmonic energy and storage in concrete (Netherland)
  • Grundriss in Lebensgröße GmbH – Optimal planning is key to visual home (Germany)
  • HippoBuild – The operating system of the construction industry (Colombia)
  • Immersight – Communicate efficiently with virtual rooms (Germany)
  • ISAAC antisismica – The revolution of earthquake protection (Italy)
  • iTechRe LTD – Bring the Sunny Outdoors In (Finland)
  • m2ing GmbH – Inspect, maintain & secure structures digitally (Germany)
  • Neanex Technologies – Towards Data Driven Built Environment (Belgium)
  • OMRT – Twinning the future (Netherlands)
  • Optimuse GmbH – Revolutionising the design of building systems with AI (Austria)
  • PassiveLogic – Quantum: The Digital Twin Standard for Autonomous Buildings (USA)
  • perto GmbH – pertoIOTA-Decarbonizing Buildings with IoT & AI (Germany)
  • Plannerly – The BIM Management Platform (USA)
  • popularc GmbH – MORE LIVING PRO RESOURCE – with Data & Artificial Intelligence (Germany)
  • R8tech – R8 Digital Operator Jenny is the Painkiller for high & volatile energy prices (Estonia)
  • Recloud – Automatic comparison of BIM and Reality (Spain)
  • Serthoro GmbH – Beestate®-Orchestrating your ESG transformation process (Germany)
  • SilentWave SRLS – HiveDrive, the new Collaboration and Data Sharing Software Platform for BIM Digital (Italy)
  • Sova3D Oy – Sova3D-Kunta3D BIM models in Building Permit as part of updating city models (Finland)
  • Spacific – Capturing and visualising existing buildings (Germany)
  • specter automation – Model-based assistant for the construction site (Germany)
  • Tenera – Tenera’s Connected Construction Plattform (Germany)
  • Togal.AI – Leveraging AI & Machine Learning in Construction Estimating with AI (USA)
  • Tyréns AB – GeoBIM – taking BIM underground (Sweden)
  • Visoplan – Efficient collaboration in construction projects (Germany)
  • VLAB SRL – Innovative devices and smart platform for remote construction site monitoring (Itlay)
  • VSK Software – digital solutions for quality assurance of BIM models (Germany)

The 6th edition of the SMART BUILDING / SMART CONSTRUCTION INNOVATION WORLD CUP® is already open for submissions. Participation is free of charge with chances to win great prizes, including free speaking slot at BIM World MUNICH 2023, 1-1 introductions with potential investors & business partners, free marketing package & media coverage, placement on the Innovation World Cup Hall of Fame, and beyond.

Behind the scenes

The Smart Building / Smart Construction Innovation World Cup® was initiated by Navispace GmbH in 2018 and co-organized with BIM World MUNICH. A panel of industry experts selects the most promising solutions based on criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, usability and sustainability. Participation is free of charge.

Press contact:
Nadia Nora Achkar | Startup Scout & Innovation Manager
Innovation World Cup® Series – Navispace GmbH