Munich 26–27 Nov 2024

LocLab, a leader in 3D digital twin content creation

LocLab, a leader in 3D digital twin content creation

LocLab, a leader in 3D digital twin content creation, and Hexagon’s Geosystems division enter into a strategic partnership to jointly empower industries with Smart Digital Realities in their design, construction and operations processes.

LocLab specialises in the creation of 3D digital twins. Their proprietary technology, enabled by a high degree of automation using proven workflows and artificial intelligence, allows the cost- and time-efficient creation of object-based digital twins of existing machines, plants, buildings, infrastructure, geographic spaces or any other assets. The strategic partnership with Hexagon is focused on increasing the automation of 3D digital twin creation by leveraging reality capture solutions and making digital twins seamlessly accessible to customers by connecting them with HxDR, Hexagon’s cloud-based storage, visualisation, and collaboration platform for reality capture and geospatial data.

“We are excited to integrate our 3D digital content with the HxDR cloud-based platform to help our customers to share digital twin content to improve daily operations and maintenance efficiency,” says LocLab’s CEO, Dr. Ilka May. “Our customers have said to us: “We love your models, but we don’t know where to store them and how to share them with our suppliers and service providers. Can you please provide us with a service that manages them for us?” This is how the idea for the Digital Twin Hub came about. The DTH is designed as a central platform for accessing, using, managing, editing and monitoring 3D digital twins. Users can access their 3D models from anywhere, for example via web browsers, via a PC app or via an APP for mobile devices. Data from various systems and sources can be connected via generic interfaces, e.g. asset and facility management, ERP systems or IoT data.

The Digital Twin Hub is designed as an open platform: A network of partners will be able to upload, update, access and share their own 3D digital content with other users or their own customers – this is a groundbreaking approach with great scaling potential.”

“The combination of Hexagon’s leading reality capture and software portfolio and LocLab’s automated 3D digital twin creation workflow make Digital Realities more accessible to existing and many new customers,” says Thomas Harring, President Geosystems division at Hexagon. “In addition, the integration of LocLab’s 3D digital content with HxDR technology provides an unprecedented solution, connecting digital twins with existing ERP, IoT or other business process solutions. Open and standardised interfaces allow asset owners and operators as well as their stakeholders to share asset insights and collaborate through digital 3D models, efficiently and accurately.”