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Innovative technologies show up in the BIM TOWN and win the “BIM / Smart Construction Award”

Innovative technologies show up in the BIM TOWN and win the "BIM / Smart Construction Award"


The worldwide most established innovation platform has been bringing leading technology companies together with start-ups for more than 14 years and giving a prize to the best products and solutions: the “INNOVATION WORLD CUP®SERIES”. BIM World is now taking the format to Munich: Innovators for digitization in the construction and real estate industries from all over Europe will present themselves at BIM Town at the BIM World MUNICH 2018 on 27 and 28 November – and will be able to win the brand-new “BIM / Smart Construction Award “. Its criteria are aimed not only at the degree of innovation of the solution but also the availability of open digital data exchange. The winners will be announced at BIM World MUNICH 2018.  Furthermore the best of the best can expect support from the Fraunhofer Competence Center Planning and Building and joining a huge network of converters.

In its third year, the largest BIM network platform in D-A-CH, the BIM World MUNICH, opens a new exhibition area: The BIM Town. IT / IoT start-up, institution of research and development, universities or lateral thinkers will demonstrate their innovations for the construction and real estate industry- and at the same time qualify for the BIM / Smart Construction Award “. The BIM World MUNICH will bring the IOT / WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP® to the ICM in Munich on 27 and 28 November 2018. From sensor technologies to cloud solutions, tech innovators from around the world can now submit their innovation to the IOT / WT INNOVATION WORL CUP and get the chance to become part of the leading innovation ecosystem with unique networking capabilities and test their solution practicality. The Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Planning and Building, coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute, provides its test fields for implementation under realistic environmental conditions. The focus is always on connected interaction in the sense of user benefit.

The pitch of the finalists and the award ceremony for the special prize “BIM / Smart Construction Award” will take place live at the BIM World MUNICH in November.

There are an impressive variety of solutions and applications from the Internet of Things, from established companies as well as young start-ups that have multiple benefits for the digitization in the construction and real estate industry. However, in the emerging market for BIM and the digitization of building data and process chains, these are often seen as isolated solutions. In practice, the new solutions can only be combined with a lot of additional effort and high costs for the users. The market as a whole is still too far away from continuous digitization and a smooth exchange of relevant data and documents. “With our initiative we want to be on the forefront and change this situation radically. This is why we invite the innovators to the BIM Town at BIM World MUNICH 2018. And the best solutions will be awarded with the ‘BIM / Smart Construction Award’ as part of the IOT / WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP®. Almost every day, we hear about new sensor and monitoring technologies, smart home solutions, collaboration software and cloud applications, which aim to benefit the life cycle of real estate and technical facilities and support and optimize specific processes there,” explains Thomas Kirmayr from Fraunhofer IBP, who is responsible for the overall coordination of the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Planning and Building. However, from the market`s and user´s point of view, it is also important that they communicate with each other and are freely combinable, all based on BIM standards. “Innovative solutions providers can “plug-in” to the scenarios, that we will showcase in the BIM Town. In addition, we will select the best from the INNOVATION WORLD CUP® and give them access to the Mittelstand 4.0 Center of Competence Planning and Building, a federal government-sponsored network of converters, and opening up a market proof and market access. ”

Another challenge is that the world of real estate still lacks ‘one stop shops’, according to Dr. Uwe Forgber. “For over a decade, we have been using thousands of different apps for all sorts of applications. Their use becomes meaningful, however, only over the operating systems of smartphones. We need platforms in the construction and real estate industries that enable connected work. Common Data Environments can be the solution, “says Dr. Uwe Forger, start-up major of BIM Town. Innovators who rely on established standards for data exchange and open interfaces with their solutions can participate in the BIM Town on the 27th and 28th of November at the BIM World MUNICH 2018, and apply free of charge for the special award of the IOT / WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP.

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