Munich 26–27 Nov 2024

How GMB Uses Cintoo to Identify As-Built Conditions

How GMB Uses Cintoo to Identify As-Built Conditions

“We could never compare what’s modelled to what’s actually there until we started using Cintoo” – Lars Hesselink, Innovation Engineer at GMB.

There is a new need in the AEC industry to increase the 3D digitization of as-built conditions and BIM modelling. This will ensure a succinct workflow where professionals can build their models around true as-built conditions, saving time and money while lessening the risks of errors.

GMB, a general contracting company based in the Netherlands, is converting their workflows to include more 3D digitization using Cintoo’s platform. It starts by leveraging laser scanning to realize what’s there in an environment. Next, the scans are processed using Autodesk Recap and then uploaded into GMB MiX, which relies on Cintoo’s Visual Twin platform to view and create 3D models based on point clouds.

Discover how GMB leverages the Cintoo platform to revamp their workflows, ultimately lessening the reliance on outdated 2D CAD models for old sites. Discover the gambit of benefits available to Hesselink’s team including virtual communication, improved speed and efficiency, and continued maintenance of a site’s conditions within the Visual Twin platform.