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BIM 4 Materials – Dr. Oliver Geibig will share his expert knowledge as BIM World Ambassador

BIM 4 Materials - Dr. Oliver Geibig will share his expert knowledge as BIM World Ambassador

BIM World MUNICH is extending its expert team to assure the high level of innovation of its strategic alignment, and the quality of the congress and exhibition. Therefore BIM World MUNICH is welcoming Dr. Oliver Geibig aboard as BIM World MUNICH Ambassador. 

Oliver worked for almost 10 years in an Engineering Office and as Ph.D. Student before he joined Hilti in 2006. As Senior Trade Manager in Central Europe he had a leading role in the development of the Engineering approach and worked closely on the implementation of the BIM Strategy. Since July 2019, Oliver is Head of Business Units & Engineering, and Member of the Executive Board at fischerwerke – also in charge of BIM and design software.

Due to his deep knowledge in the field of the building and construction materials industry, Oliver is BIM World`s expert for the topic “BIM 4 Materials”.
He also gives a little insight into “his” focus topic right away:

“We are currently facing challenging yet exciting times in the construction industry. On the one side, we are confronted with topics such as ageing infrastructure, finite raw materials and the need for environmental protection while we are seeing trends such as the industrialization of building new constructions with modular and serial methods. In addition to this, the journey towards digital transformation has started and is accelerating. As a consequence, more and more construction materials and products are attached with all relevant information, which is needed, along the full value chain, from selection and preliminary design to execution, documentation and operation. In a certain manner, all components are also digitally connected with each other for different purposes. Entirely new players and business models appear in the market in this IoT environment.

Let´s show fischer here as an example: Coming from a traditional hardware company in the fastening sector, here at fischer we are aiming to develop disruptive ways towards digitalization and future-oriented solutions in this dynamically changing environment of the construction industry. In addition to smart and digital twins of our physical products, the offerings include BIM Engineering Services for selecting, designing and modelling fischer solutions with clear added value for planners and customers, such as saving materials and time which leads to efficiency and keeping within in time schedules and cost frames. Being represented in the model, the next logical step is BIM to field and on-site support, for instance with installer training and solutions for documenting the work conducted. Field to BIM services are the basis for models as well as monitoring solutions during the construction operation phase.”

BIM World MUNICH is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and partnership with Oliver!

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