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2020 will become the year of digitalisation for the construction industry

2020 will become the year of digitalisation for the construction industry
Munich, the 6th of February 2020. After the success of the BIM World MUNICH fourth edition there is no doubt left: digital transformation leads to an upswing in the construction industry. Every day, software providers develop innovative technologies, from simple data collection to Smart Data, AI-solutions, CDEs and secured cloud-infrastructures. It becomes obvious to the decision-makers: the world of construction will be digitized in 2020. Another proof: as of today, more than 70% of the doubled exhibition area at the fifth BIM World MUNICH is sold out.


Building and real estate industry is just at the beginning of the transformation process facing many disruptions. The BIM World MUNICH supports the adaption and integration of digital technologies in the construction industry and gives a deeper understanding of Smart Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Common Data Environment, Big Data, IoT-technologies, Facility Management, GIS, laserscanning, digital construction products and many more topics.

The exhibition with more than 250 exhibitors, 8.000 participants and 5 stages, an Innovation Area for startups and a two-days Congress with the leading BIM-experts is now THE MEETING POINT IN THE GERMAN-SPEAKING COUNTRIES FOR DIGITALIZATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES.


The BIM World MUNICH 2020 is taking place on the 24th and 25th of November in ICM – International Congress Center Munich.  



Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


By use of BIM-method, buildings and cities can be planned, designed, built and managed in a more efficient way. Artificial intelligence improves building models. The AI-technologies are applied to track the interaction between the project participants, construction facilities and construction objects. They help identify potential risks at a very early stage and thereby avoid construction mistakes. It is important to ensure that the models used by different working groups do not collide with one another. This is where an artificial intelligence method – machine learning – comes into play and eliminates potential mistakes and inconsistencies. Building companies should make advantage of data obtained by means of AI and Machine Learning to increase their productivity on the construction sites. 


Intelligent Construction Site: Smart Construction Technologies, Sensors and IoT


Each construction site has potential of the huge amounts of data which can be analysed by artificial intelligence and applied by the parties involved in the construction process. IoT delivers real-time data for processing, and Machine Learning becomes a digital assistant analysing the data flow.

An intelligent construction site needs connected and reliable communication. Data processing and management takes place in the cloud. 5G enables fast and wireless data transfer without delays. It increases productivity and improves construction site management. Built-in sensors monitor and optimise the functionality of construction facilities. Thus, the Internet of Things strengthens safety and reduces construction costs.

These and many other topics will be presented at the BIM World MUNICH 2020 as part of the exhibition and Congress program.

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