Munich 24-25 Nov 2020
Munich 24-25 Nov 2020

24-25th November 2020

The leading platform for Digital Solutions for the Construction, Real Estate and Urban Planning Industries

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Entdecken Sie die Autodesk BIM 360 Planungsplattform – Für Ihren openBIM- oder closedBIM-Prozess
iTWO Virtual Lab
The way to plan LEAN, collaborate effectively and empower your workforce – Stefan Gaa, RefinemySite
Lunch Talk with Christine Degenhart – Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Statement of the BIM World President

We are in the middle of the process of digitalization in the construction industry. The development and introduction of BIM technologies is of central importance here. We are proud that the BIM World has developed into a permanent institution in a very short time, bringing together software developers, researchers, educational institutions and all the players who implement these methods and solutions in one place.

This is demonstrated by the constantly growing number of visitors who come here to see concentrated and innovative solutions first-hand and live.

The strong interest of exhibitors and visitors, despite COVID-19, shows us that the concept of BIM World with its healthy mix of offerings is based on sustainability.

And we are also living up to our own claim of making a significant contribution to the promotion of new, young technologies in the start-up scene by once again offering and presenting an Innovation Award this year.

BIM World will be one of the first real live events this year. Like many in the industry, we’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

A very good exhibition concept will ensure that all the relevant distance and hygiene rules are observed. Especially a new, hybrid event concept will further enhance the BIM World and thus provide digital access to the event for all those who are not able to attend in person, so that they can be “right in the middle of the action”!

Dietmar Bernert, President of BIM World MUNICH

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