Munich 28–29 Nov 2023

BIM 4 FM – Long-term cooperation between CAFM RING e.V. gefma and BIM World MUNICH


The exhibitors at BIM World MUNICH cover all phases of the construction process – from planning and construction to operation. Facility management plays a decisive role in the life cycle of buildings and infrastructures. It is precisely in the area of operation that major challenges lie, but also the greatest potential. According to Statista, the global market volume for energy-efficient buildings will triple from 2020 to 2030 to 611 billion euros.

The challenges in operating buildings and facilities are many and complex. The introduction of ESG (environmental, social, governance) ratings initially involves additional costs for companies. The main focus here is to minimize the additional burden on companies and to realize a broad-based rapid implementation. The taxonomy regulation for determining sustainable economic activities also requires companies to demonstrate the extent to which their activities are sustainable. Another important topic is the Net Zero approach, which is about reducing CO2 emissions from buildings and facilities. However, especially in the area of operating buildings, there is also massive potential for savings not only in the area of sustainability, but also in terms of time and costs. According to a recent study by the Fraunhofer Institute, the use of digital technologies in facility management can save up to 30 percent in costs, 50 percent in processing time and 50 percent in CO2 emissions.

“Digitalization in facility management offers enormous potential to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructures,” says Christian Stammel, CEO of BIM World MUNICH. “By using digital technologies, the overall energy consumption of a building can be monitored. For example, in the newly built office complex “The Spiral” in New York, it is not only ensured that plants are watered. The lighting and energy management systems can be integrated into the automation system, allowing specifications regarding CO2 emissions to be monitored. At BIM World MUNICH, we offer a platform with the BIM4FM Congress and a dedicated FM Area that both provides information on all topics related to operations and serves as a networking opportunity. Because we are convinced that digitalization in facility management is an enormously exciting topic for all visitors to BIM World MUNICH, and we look forward to working with our partners CAFM RING e.V. and gefma to highlight this potential and provide food for thought.”

The partner congress will focus on the latest developments and trends in the field of digital Facility Management, which will be presented by renowned representatives of the industry. Among the topics planned for the program are: “Optimizing operating costs through digital Facility Management”, “Digital Twin for Facility Management” and “Smart Building and IoT Integration in Facility Management”.

Planning, building and operating must be thought of holistically and in an integrated way in order to master the current challenges of Real Estate Operations. This will create a foundation for the future to achieve the set goals of all stakeholders in the AEC and Real Estate industry.

“Standardization is the foundation of digitalization and will influence the decisions of investors in the future,” said Mahmut Tümkaya, Chairman of the Board of CAFM RING and Jürgen Schneider, Managing Director of gefma.

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