Le Monde headquarter in France. Credits: Snøhetta and Luxigon   Håvard Vasshaug, Design Technologist at Snøhetta and Co-founder at Bad Monkeys Håvard Vasshaug is a Design Technologist at Snøhetta; one of the world’s most renowned design practices. Håvard has a Master of Science in Structural Engineering and uses his experience with providing Building Information Modeling research, development and automation to share knowledge of digital building design solutions at Snøhetta and through his own companies.

  The mapping and measurements of existing heritage infrastructures typically present many logistical challenges. A large number of undercuts, restricted spaces, fully or partly modified structures, as well as uneven, misaligned, and distorted elements, can give headaches to surveying professionals. Luckily for them, one new technology developed recently is presenting interesting solutions for the measuring of buildings. 4999

  Besides moving construction operation towards off-site activities, prefabrication of building components provides a whole new range of possibilities for building professionals, and even more so since the arrival of digital planning methods such as Building Information Modeling. Prefabrication and automate manufacturing allow significant time and financial gains, especially with regard to the industrial production of repetitive elements and modular design components. 4787

We are pleased to announce that Horst Seehofer, Minister-President of Bavaria, confirmed to become patron of BIM World on 28th and 29th of November 2017 in Munich. Copyright: Michael Gottschalk/ photothek.net   

  Note: If you are not yet familiar with the concept of Blockchain, take a look at the first article of this series BIM and Blockchain (Part 1): Basics of Blockchain to understand the fundamentals of the theory behind Blockchain.   The digital transformation brings its fresh share of new buzzwords almost every week. The latest (and probably most enigmatic) concept to enter in the BIM World, the Blockchain, might not be as useless as you