Munich 24-25 Nov 2020
Munich 24-25 Nov 2020

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BIM Studio 365 is the BIM World MUNICH video channel, which provides insights in the latest developments of our international BIM ecosystem. Thought leaders, experts and startups present their latest products, services and breakthroughs of the construction, real estate and urban planning industry.

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The BIM Studio is the upfront information channel for our leading BIM World MUNICH event on November 24th & 25th 2020.

Digital Circular Design leads to Material Banks in Real Estate – Pascal Keppler, EPEA
Lunch Talk with Dr. Markus Hennecke – Bayerische Ingenieurekammer-Bau
How neural networks help to bring point clouds to BIM – Stefan Hörmann & Martin Bach, aurivus GmbH
Winners of the BIM World Innovation World Cup® Series – Voxelgrid, Sensoneo & bimspot
CONTECH: The next generation – Dr. Corinna Sinzig, DB mindbox
“New Normal” in construction – Dr. Kai-Stefan Schober, Roland Berger
Lunch Talk with Prof. Rasso Steinmann – buildingSMART Germany
[DE] BIM Quality Management – Lars Oberwinter, Plandata
[DE] Lunch Talk with Dr. Manuel Götzendörfer – BEFIVE
Modern workplaces in building industry – Michael Nachtsheim, novaCapta
Finnish Competence in BIM – Anna-Riitta Kallinen, buildingSMART Finland
Lunch Talk with Ralf Sommer – Rhomberg Bahntechnik