BIM unleashes 3D Printing’s potential for innovation


The first 3D Printing prototype was developed in the early eighties, but the technology has only become popular in 2009, as the first patent fell into the public domain. Ever since then, more and more people are studying this process and helping to push the boundaries of Additive Manufacturing forward.


BIM Operational Models: 3D Models are nice, but Parametric 3D Models are even better!


BIM is becoming the standard process for planning and construction of all kind of new building projects (private, PPP, public, etc.). Pilot projects have shown positive results over the past years and the ROI (return on investment) of BIM on both design and construction phases was already proven a long time ago. What is less well known – but potentially as important – are the long-term effects of BIM, especially at operational phase. (more…)

Who is riding the BIM wave? NBS National BIM Report 2017 has now been released!


For the seventh year in a row, UK’s National Building Specification (NBS), a subsidiary entity of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), published the results of its latest annual BIM survey. The outcomes of this report are considered by many experts as the most valuable benchmark of the progress of BIM in the UK, but it also contains a large amount of information that can be useful for many European countries to establish their own BIM implementation strategy. (more…)

Smart Cities: How holistic design approach and connected sensors will revolutionize the cities we live in.


It is no secret that the global human population growth will cause the level of urbanization of all major cities to increase drastically in the upcoming decades. The fact is that this phenomenon will require us to design our cities in a smarter way, if we want to guarantee a decent and comfortable housing for everyone while controlling air quality, reducing urban heat island effect and manage noise pollution deriving from urbanization. (more…)