Success Story: Building Radar- Finalist of the Smart Building / Smart Construction Innovation World Cup® Award 2019

Image: The Team of Building Radar

Interview with Leopold Neuerburg, CEO of Building Radar

New construction projects appear first on your “radar”. What problem in the construction industry has motivated you to create such a “Building Radar” and how is it solved now?

Paul Indinger worked in the construction industry for years. When he explained to Leopold Neuerburg the painful process of construction project research (exhausting manual data research, unverified leads, and quickly outdated data), they brainstormed whether there are smarter, more technologically driven ways.

Building Radar informs its customers about construction projects worldwide. Due to our AI technology, which searches the internet around the clock, our customers are able to find new and existing construction projects before their competitors and are therefore able to pitch first and increase their margin.

What are the main application areas of your software?

Our main application areas of our software are to automate our customers construction project research. Our unique technology focuses on new construction projects worldwide at the earliest possible time – months before your competition and without manual research.

This process makes it possible to increase sales by discovering hidden opportunities, sell bigger contracts by influencing the planners earlier and to improve the win-rate by pitching before your competitors.

Image: Building Radar Founder Team: Paul Indinger, Leopold Neuerburg, Raoul Friedrich (top to bottom)
What are you focusing on at the moment? Are there any additional software features coming?

Our current focus is on the revision and design of our product. We are very confident that we will be able to launch a new technology at the beginning of the third quarter of 2020.

Congratulations! You are a TOP 5 Finalist of the Smart Building / Smart Construction Innovation World Cup®! How would you describe the BIM World MUNICH 2019 and visitor’s engagement?

Thanks a lot! The BIM World Munich 2019 is an interesting trade fair, we were able to make exciting new contacts. The media coverage around the event was also a unique opportunity for us as a young start-up, even if we don’t fit into the BIM theme in the classic way.

Where does the future of digital construction technologies lie?

Trade fairs will be less important in the future. So, there should be more attraction about the digitalization. Nevertheless, this process will not accelerate the digitalization. New lead sources will emerge and become more important. New solutions will be launched on the market to support the new conditions. Corona is changing all areas of our lives, including the construction industry. We are very confident that Building Radar will become even more interesting for many companies, due to the current developments. We enable the contactless research of new building projects.

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