Munich 22–23 Nov 2022

Property as a Service

The optimized use of buildings and the digital expansion in the use of public space.

Smart Property is a global movement in which “Property as a Service” is realized. The service consists of seeing buildings and public space with the services associated with them as a platform for interoperable, related services.

Such a platform must make use of smart infrastructures, intelligent buildings and numerous web services (cloud services) to enable a more efficient use of public spaces, urban structures and facilities.

The digital twins that are created to use new services must be continuously derived from “Smart Construction” structural data and enriched with usage and environmental data.

Opportunities for new business models in building construction and infrastructure

In the future, new service models will boost the smart property market and bundle services with infrastructure issues. From light or heat rentals to complex networked business models. All in all, this trend will create advantages for all parties involved (companies, local administrations and users).