Munich 22–23 Nov 2022

Smart Construction

Digitization, industrialization and lean management of the construction industry

Smart Construction or also Construction 4.0 covers the industrial use of construction processes, the use of digital data stocks in projects and in all preliminary stages of the delivered construction elements.

Through the use of reusable digital models such as BIM data models and their interoperable connections to other trades (e.g. standardization in TGA), Smart Construction is the pioneer for “Property as a Service” and “Smart Infrastructures“.

Smart Construction provides huge potentials in the supply chain

According to a recent study by McKinsey, the increase in productivity through the digital transformation in the construction industry can be more than 50%. The advantages for the market participants are enormous and concern cost reduction, the exact time frame, the traceable quality of the supplied trades and thus also a sustainable ecological added value of any construction project. The CO2 savings from this digital transformation will be enormous and will lead to a real digitalization boom in the entire supply chain. This trend will be reinforced in the long term by country-specific standards and specifications, but also by EU guidelines such as the “Green Deal”.

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