Business Sector

Architectural firms, Design & Engineering firms, Audit & Certification firms, Design agencies [39%]

Software companies, Digital service companies, New technologies, Communication [25%]

Project builder and Contractors, Investors, Insurance Companies [11%]

Research and Education institutions, Consulting firms [9%]

Manufacturers of products and equipment for buildings and infrastructures [7%]

Central government, Local and regional authorities, Public administration, Development agencies, Municipal organisations [4%]

Media & Press [3%]

Estate agents, Asset administrators, Property Services, Management and Maintenance of real estate assets [2%]


Architect, Engineer, Desinger [22%]

Executive Management [22%]

BIM Manager and Consultant, BIM Advisor [13%]

Project Manager [11%]

Marketing, Sales, Customer Relations [11%]

General and Product Manager [6%]

Research and Analyst [6%]

Business Development [5%]

Application Engineer, Developer, Technicians [4%]