Business Sector

Architectural firms, Design & Engineering firms, Audit & Certification firms, Design agencies [46%]

Software companies, Digital service companies, New technologies, Communication [24%]

Project builder and Contractors, Investors, Insurance Companies [5%]

Manufacturers of products and equipment for buildings and infrastructures [9%]

Research and Education institutions, Consulting firms [8%]

Estate agents, Asset administrators, Property Services, Management and Maintenance of real estate assets [2%]

Central government, Local and regional authorities, Public administration, Development agencies, Municipal organisations [2%]

Media and Press [2%]

Utilities (water, waste, energy efficiency, environmental performance, transport services, ...) [2%]


CEO / Owner / Principal [20%]

BIM / CAD / IT Manager / VDC [12%]

VP / Department Manager / Other Mgmt Level [11%]

Architect / Engineer / Designer / Specifier [18%]

Project Manger / Construction Mgmt / Other Mgmt [14%]

Educator / Researcher / Student [9%]

Consulting [7%]

Other Related AEC Professionals [9%]


High quality data capturing is the core for BIM. All further decisions within the BIM processes are made based on this. Therefore, the data capturing must be efficient and highly automated. Modern portable laser scanning systems support the planning process, efficient methods around building documentation escort the construction phase, and IoT technology supports predictive building maintenance workflows. Attendees of BIM World will get insights into the latest technologies around data capturing methods.

BIM is the digital collaboration during planning, implementation, and the maintenance of construction projects. The stakeholders of the BIM process work together based on integrative models and therefore are able to immediately recognize and spot symbiosis or collisions, as well as to simulate different variations for the optimization of the processes. Likewise, the cost benefits can be raised for the implementation of the project. Market leading software producers and providers will show their BIM solutions at BIM World MUNICH.

Breakthrough solutions are continuously entering the market and the development of various technologies for visualization is fast-paced. E.g. Virtual Reality glasses coupled with smartphones, tablets are becoming more and more part of our daily life. Also, the construction industry is testing professional augmented reality technologies in all kinds of application scenarios, in connection with devices and machines. Attendees of BIM World MUNICH will literally get an insight in the future of construction.

Best Practice examples are one of the most important backbones for the BIM World conference program. Through national and international Best Practice implementations of BIM projects, visitors will get a precise orientation on how BIM can be realized, target-aimed and efficient in practice. Critical voices will also be part of this topic. Through the direct dialog with experts in several discourses, an exchange of experiences will be possible at BIM World MUNICH.